A cheap and effective Beauty Treatment

Hey readers! In this blog post I am gonna talk or write, or write or talk or whatever…. about a beauty treatment that literally costs you nothing and still is so effective!

Well, not to surprise you but we all know about this treatment! One of the easiest things you can actually do to keep yourself beautiful- both from within and out.

Its H2O that am talking about.

H2O is the chemical formula for water, ice or steam which consists of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen.

How simple and cool is that! Let it be in any form – water, ice or steam. H20 beauty treatment will give you the best always!

Below are the lists of advantages of water, ice and steam on your skin and hair.

Advantages of water

  1. Helps flush out toxins from your body and reduce acne.
  2. Get a relief from flaky, itchy and dry scalp. Drinking water gives you a healthy scalp.
  3. Aids in weight loss. (Drink 2 cups of water 20 minutes before your meal and see a change in you)
  4. Drink water to strengthen delicate under eye skin. Dehydration makes bags more prominent.
  5. Speed up your hair growth and also gift yourself strong and shiny hair.
  6. Hydrated skin is always smooth, wrinkle-free and happy skin.
  7. Quality of your nails is not good? Drink water and give strength to your nails naturally.

Advantages of Steam

  1. Steam increases blood circulation making the skin soft, smooth, glowing and youthful.
  2. It flushes out pollutants, chemicals from usage of cosmetics.
  3. Helps you to open the skin pores and removes toxins from your body.
  4. Steam also helps in weight loss.
  5. Promotes hair growth and reduces hair breakage.
  6. Adds moisture to your skin.
  7. Cleanses scalp by removing dirt and dead skin.

Advantages of Ice

  1. Rubbing an ice cube all over your face helps close the pores and reduce redness for a glowing skin.
  2. Prevents acne.
  3. Tightens skin.
  4. Controls blemishes.
  5. Removes dark circles and puffiness.

I hope this information will help you! Thanks for reading.