L.A. girl glide gel eyeliner

L.A. Girl is one such brand that has never failed to surprise me. Their products are genuinely of good quality and affordable! Its one of the leading drugstore brands and I am glad that now we have access to it in India also. I wanted to buy their glide gel eyeliners from quite a long time but only after personally trying. I didn’t want to invest in all the colors because I am not an eyeliner person especially when it comes to colours. So after trying around 13-14 shades , I picked up 3 that I liked and I feel are the most wearable.

One thing that I really want to appreciate is the range of colours that the brand is offering. There are almost 20 colours in this range which is a good deal for sure.

La girl geleyeliner

Look of the gel eyeliners

As shown in the image, these are the 3 colours that I chose.

La girl geleyeliner

Swatches on bare skin

✔️They are crazily pigmented! I wish these pictures could do the justice. All 3 colours are equally beautiful.

✔️Super smooth and soft! Glides on like a dream.

✔️Can be used as eyeliner or eyeshadow.

✔️100% waterproof  (Yes, I did a test)


✔️Stays on eyes for good 7-8 hours

✔️Available in India for INR 450 which I feel is worth the price.

✖️They are so soft that you need to be careful while applying as I broke the tip of one of the shades.

✖️Needs to be sharpened. They are not mechanical pencils. 

✖️No sharpener provided, so you gotta find one that works the best with them.

✖️Sharpening causes product loss which none of us want.

So my overall verdict is that I love these eyeliners apart from few negative points. These are definitely worth a try!

If you have used them or will use, let me know your opinion in the comments section.