MAC Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

mac transparent powder

Hey guys! In this post I would like to introduce you to my best friend – MAC Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder.

Since I call this product my best friend , its obvious that I totally love this product. Its basically Translucent powder in pressed form which helps you to set your makeup in place, mattifies your skin and controls oil.

MAC Prep+Prime pressed powderLiving in a city where sun shines bright throughout the year and temperature hits around 40* C, its very important for a person like me who has oily skin to use such type of product.

The product comes in the iconic MAC’s black packaging with mirror! The container’s appearance and texture is not matte like the other compacts from the brand. Infact, its shiny with tiny particles of glitter. And may be this makes me like the packaging even more.

In India, its retail price is INR 2000 and trust me its totally worth it.

I use this product to set my foundation and specially my undereyes so that no lines are formed.

The product seems and appears to be white in colour but when applied its invisible! Truly Transparent.. so need not worry about any white powder highlighting on your face.

It soaks all the oil from my face in no time and keeps my face matte for a fair amount of time (4-5 hours).

I prefer using a dense face brush for applying this product.

Since its in pressed form, it is definitely easy to carry in comparison to loose transparent powders.

Why I prefer this over foundation compact powder?

Its lightweight and very natural looking that no one can claim that you have applied some powder on your face whereas this is not the case with other compacts. I feel when foundation compacts are applied repeatedly over makeup, it gets cakey and powder is clearly visible. There comes a point where such compacts just dont get absorbed into your skin or makeup as they are comparitively heavy. But this one does the job amazingly. A little goes a long way.

So this was my take on this product and I hope my reviews will help you.