Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush

too faced sparkling bellini

Hey everyone! I hope you are doing well. So this happens to be my first blog post and a review on the famous Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush.

Okay, so lets take a moment and appreciate the packaging of this blush. like seriously? Too Faced !! such a cute and a pretty design. I heart this packaging! Literally.

And I am pretty sure, majority of people who own this blush or want to own one are attracted to its packaging more than anything else. Just like me! And I feel thats OK, who doesn’t want to own such cute things in life?!

Though the packaging is super cute but its material can be a problem. Material used is cardboard which we all know needs to be handled with care or else you might end up damaging the container of this blush. So you gotta be careful with this one.

Lets move to the blush, so the shade that I have and love the most is SPARKLING BELLINI. Its more on the peachy side with some tint of pink in it and this makes this one exclusive. As you can see in the images, the blush is divided into three segments. Each segment with a different colour and sheen.

Too Faced Sparkling Bellini Blush

Swatches of all 3 shades




Too Faced Sparkling Bellini

                                                                                                                      All the 3 shades blended together.



too faced sparkling bellini blush

With Flash

Following are the pros and cons:

1. It is a baked formula, therefore drying.

2. Application is easy.

3. Buildable coverage.

4. Super pigmented.

5. Luminous sheen.

6. Doesn’t emphasize pores.

7. Pan is big which makes it easy to swirl the brush and pick all the 3 shades together.

8. On me, it stayed for around 6 hours before fading.

9. Waterproof : I did a water test, you can see that in the images. I was amazed by the results. It did not fade at all. And after swiping it with my hand, it did not fade, but the shimmer particles in it scattered all around.

Too Faced Sparkling Bellini

Water Test – Too Faced sparkling bellini blush

Too Faced Sparkling Bellini blush

shimmer scattered after the swipe – Too Faced Sparkling Bellini Blush











My overall verdict is that this blush is a perfect blend of 3 stunning shades. Its shimmer can be a problem if you are a matte lover. I can not use this blush daily when I have to go to work or want a matte simple look. This blush is good for parties and events. If applied properly you can also save your highlighter as it gives that pop and highlight to your cheeks.

Primp and Show : 8/10

I really hope that this review was helpful. Please leave your comments and suggestions in the comments below.